FAQs Related to reverse osmosis water filter

What is a reverse osmosis water filter?

A typical reverse osmosis filter system is something that sits under your sink, filtering out virtually everything but the pure water. Some models contain pre-filters to take out sediments before the RO membrane. These pre-filters must of course be changed every now and then in order for the water filtration to work smoothly.

In some cases it is also combined with an activated carbon water purifier to remove other substances, making it a perfect whole house water filtration system.

Reverse osmosis water purification-where to use?

A reverse osmosis filter is a good choice if what you want to remove is a wide spectrum of different contaminants like typically chemicals or heavy metals.

What will be removed with a RO water filter system?

A complete RO system with prefilter for sediment and a postfilter using carbon, strips out substances like heavy metals, lead, arsenic, copper, cadmium, chlorine, pesticides, salts, sulfates, nitrates and many other substances – virtually everything that could possibly contaminate your drinking water.

The reverse osmosis filtration system can also remove many bacteria and viruses. Some of these nasties can still get through though because if imperfections in the membrane so if these are your worry you should use other methods (as well) like ozone or ultra violet water filtration.

RO advantages, disadvantages?

A reverse osmosis system contains a 3-level barrier which few contaminants can penetrate, and does not need any electricity.

The main disadvantage is that it wastes 2-4 times the water it actually filters. If you try to make a system which has less waste – the membrane will have a shorter lifespan, since the waste water actually helps cleaning the membrane.

Installation of reverse osmosis filtration – difficult?

Not really, no. But most of us will need a plumber still.

How much does it cost?

Typically a few hundred dollars or more for the system and then you need to replace the membrane every 2-3 years. Expect a cost around 5-10 cents per gallon for filtered water.

Check out more information about reverse osmosis process here




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